What We've Accomplished

Since the Fort St. John Women's Resource Society was founded in 1981, we have accomplished many projects throughout the community. 

Outreach Shelves.jpg

The outreach store - food pantry

The Outreach Store provides free food for women, children, and men in need. Initially, the Outreach Store was available exclusively to residents of Skye's Place, it then expanded to our clients through the Poverty Law Program. As the need for the outreach store grew, the store was expanded to include more people. In November 2014 the Outreach Store was opened to men and since then the number of people accessing the store has skyrocketed. In 2016 new food and clothing shelves were built to accommodate the increase in people that were accessing the store. As of 2018, an average of 546 people access the Outreach Store every month.   

Outreach Clothes.jpg

the outreach store - clothes 

The Outreach Store provides free food, clothing, household necessities, hygiene products, and other resources for women, children, and men in need. The Outreach Store is open from 10:00am to 2:00pm daily. Men are invited to use the store on Wednesdays only, the rest of the days are for women clients. 

Shoe Showcase 2.jpg

The shoe showcase

In 2016 we teamed up with the Salvation Army, Friendship Centre, NEAT, and The United Way of Northern BC (UWNBC) to make a visual display of the importance of food security in our community. Statistics were taken from the FSJWRS Outreach Store, the Salvation Army lunch program and food bank, and the Friendship Centre's breakfast program. 689 pairs of shoes were on display during the showcase. 

the homeless count

Fort St. John's first ever homeless count was organized by Phallon Stoutenburg - our former Outreach and Housing Coordinator. The Homeless Count took place on the 17th and 18th of April 2018. It took place over 24 hours in order to get a "point-in-time" snapshot of the population. The data helped support the work already being done by social service providers in town, and will be continued to be used to support the need for more resources for service providers. 

a memory, a monologue, a rant, and a prayer - annual v-day campaign

On February 25th, 2017 a group of volunteers got together to read a series of emotion filled pieces to raise awareness and to end domestic violence against women. The cast was both men and women and included personal stories as well as prewritten monologues. 

the healing place

Opened in 2017, The Healing Place is what members of our community asked for. It is a place where self help groups, healing and talking circles, trauma groups, art therapy, and other groups can be formed in order to facilitate healing and communication. The Healing Place is available for use by partner organizations for a minimum donations towards the upkeep of $100 for 3 hours. There are 4 tables and 28 chairs in this space.