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sherry marshall- president

Sherry joined the board as a director in October 2005, she wanted to give back in our community and a friend invited her to take part in their "Take Back the Night" walk. She has played a key role with the Society ever since. Sherry has watched the Women's Resource Society grow bigger every year, with so many important programs being developed and implemented into our portfolio. 
Her favourite being "Kids for Xmas" program.
"I love being a part of a community that gives back so generously, and that I can see, how helping can be so life changing and so uplifting to those who just need a hand to stand."

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jennifer pimm - vice president

Jen was elected to the board in 2014, serving as Secretary for almost 3 years before being elected as the Vice President. Jen has worked closely with the Vagina Monologues since 2010, both acting and producing and directing in 2017 and 2018. Jen also plays a key role in media for the Women’s Resource Centre doing interviews for the radio, newspaper, and local television; press releases; and fundraising events. 

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emily gallen

Emily has been on the board since October 2017.
From years of working in the social services field she has seen firsthand the needs of those in our community. 
She join the board because she strongly believes that the women’s resource society provides critical services to those in need and she wanted to be a part of something meaningful and important.

jamie parsons

Jamie Parsons has been on the board since 2016.  Jamie is an enthusiastic member of our board as she takes the initiative to do various drives and fundraisers on behalf of the Society.  Prior to her joining the board, Jamie was a reliable volunteer for our annual show, The Vagina Monologues, and always plays the key part in obtaining the ever popular WestJet raffle tickets.  She continues to amaze us with her continued partnerships with Shoppers Drug Mart and as an Arbonne Products Consultant.

kelsey dawley

Kelsey has been on the board since October 2016. She joined the board after becoming familiar with the organization when she was in the 2015 Vagina Monologues. Kelsey then went on to organize a fundraiser through her workplace for the Women's Resource Society.

"It is such an amazing place that serves so many purposes for people in need in our community, and I was eager to become a bigger part of it and help out where I could. I love fundraising and social media and those are the main areas that I look forward to helping out with as we go forward."

hannah jarvinen

The FSJWRS is a passion of Hannah’s.  As a child survivor of domestic violence and sexual assault she was destined to advocate for those who could not.  Hannah moved to Fort St. John in 2006 escaping an abusive relationship.  Employment opportunities in the northeast were incredible for women and it helped her rebuild her life.  Over the past 12 years Hannah has served various roles at the Women’s Resource Centre such as volunteer, bookkeeper and most recently treasurer. 


“Throughout my time with the FSJWRS I have nurtured relationships with Clients, Staff, Volunteers and Board Members.  I was of the belief that my socioeconomic background would protect me from harm in our community.  In 2011, I was sexually assaulted by a stranger and my life fell to pieces.  I spent time at the Psychiatric ward in Dawson Creek, was overly medicated and broken.  My fellow Board Members, Staff and Clients helped mend my life.  Sadly there are very little resources in our community to help one recover.  Out of this experience I gained a greater empathy for our clients.   It took me 2 ½ years before I returned to work.  Throughout this journey, I realized that your traumatic events in childhood cause medical conditions as you age such as diabetes, obesity and depression.  It is essential to work through those life experiences and let them go.  #MeToo

My goal is to empower women and girls through knowledge and education.”