Drop-In Centre

Our Drop-In Center is available from Monday to Friday. Here you can get crisis and planning support, referrals and information in areas such as counselling, housing, training, health, addictions, domestic violence, disability, legal and other services as well as gathering with others for support and social programs or connecting over a cup of coffee. 

You can also access harm reduction supplies here including Naloxone kits, HIV/HCV information and support, and we can test your substances for the presence of Fentanyl.

Skye's Place

The Women's Resource Society operates a second stage housing program for women and children who are leaving an abusive relationship. Residents of Skye's Place enjoy a close-knit community, a safe space for their families, and opportunities for moms and children to thrive including programs.

Outreach Store

The Outreach Store provides free food, clothing, household necessities, hygiene products, and other essential items for women, children, and men in need. The outreach store is open from 10:00am until 2:00pm daily. Men are invited to use the store on Wednesdays only, the rest of the days are for women clients. 

The Healing Place 

This is a place where you can form self help groups, healing and talking circles, a women's trauma group, Art Therapy, a men's healing group and any other form of group that the community would like to facilitate communication and healing. We frequently hold Naloxone training sessions and we would be happy to train your staff in its safe administration. Give us a call to set up a training session.

Poverty Law Advocacy Program

The Poverty Law Advocacy Program was created by Sylvia Lane 13 years ago, the program is now run by Melody Blaney. Our Legal Program enables the Women's Society to provide free advocacy, representation, and assistance to low-income women and men. We offer guidance and support in Employment Insurance, BC Benefits, PWD, CPP, CPP-D, FMEP, Tenancy Act, WCB & Labour Board, Mental Health, Income Assistance, and Referral Services.

Poverty law areas covered include:

  • Persons with Disabilities (PWD) applications, reconsiderations, and appeals

  • CPP-D (Canada Pension Plan Disability) applications and Reconsiderations

  • Canada Pension Plan (CPP) applications

  • Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) applications

  • Income Assistance (welfare) applications

  • Low income housing applications

  • Residential Tenancy issues, complaints, and hearings

  • Employment Insurance (EI) applications and reconsiderations

  • Immigration issues

  • Debt issues

  • Employment standards complaints

  • Connecting women with safe housing when leaving abuse

  • Family Law (information and referrals only)

  • Referrals to other services in the community

  • And many other issues

Family Law Advocacy Program

The Family Law Advocate provides support, legal information, assistance, and referrals to low income men, women, and teens who are facing legal challenges related to family law.

Family law areas covered include:

  • Safety plans while in or leaving abusive relationships

  • Child access

  • Child guardianship/custody

  • Applying for child support or spousal support

  • Responding to an application for child support or spousal support

  • Applying for divorce or responding to an application for divorce

  • Medication referrals

  • Help filling out and filing court documents

  • Child protection matters

  • Separation agreements